Protect My Pet

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Ever had one of those last minute panics as you realise you have forgotten to flea your dog? I am guilty of this and imagine many of you are too. However some clever brands have come to the rescue in the form of monthly protection boxes, joining the ever growing subscription box craze. So now you can purchase a monthly subscription of dog flea and worm treatments, to ensure you never forget again. I’ve tried two different services, starting with Protect My Pet.

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Ending Puppy Farms with Pup Aid

- Campaign, Event

Next weekend, on 3 September, Pup Aid are hosting their annual free dog show in Primrose Hill, London.  The aim of this event and Pup Aid as an organisation, is to simply put a stop to the demand for puppies, which leads to puppy farming.  They do this by setting their event up to raise awareness for responsible breeding practices and promoting the amazing dogs available for rescue.   Puppy farms are unfortunately still running all around the world where both the breeding dogs and their puppies are kept in horrible conditions, the puppies are then sold in mass and the mumma dogs will go on to have more litters than the maximum frequency they should.  It’s tough knowing that this is still going on, but with organisations like Pup Aid and events like the one they are hosting, we can put an end to this horrible industry.   For more information about Pup Aid and their event click HERE.

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Dogs Die in Hot Cars

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Summer’s treated us with some hot weather these past few months and while most people have been enjoying sensibly it with their four legged friends, the same sad stories involving dogs suffering in the heat have been hitting the news.   Despite warnings from Dogs Trust and The RSPCA, to name just two, that Dogs Die in Hot Cars, many dogs have been rescued from overheating after being left in hot cars by owners.  It’s hard to imagine any dog lover leaving their dog in a car on a hot day but it unfortunately happens all too often.  The matter of the fact is, it’s never okay to leave your dog in a car – even if it’s only for a minute.  So to try to really drive this message home, one of the UK’s top online auto essentials brands, Ignitionline, have created a hard hitting infographic with some outstanding stats.

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Healthy, homemade, trustworthy treats your thing? Then check out Wellybix, they are made by Alison in her County Durham home with ingredients fresh from her garden and of course taste tested by her adorable dog Welly.

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Olympian Worthy Dogs

- Media

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 19.27.15Can you believe the Olympics start today! It seems like only yesterday the preparation for the London games were taking place.  So to celebrate this I thought it would be cool to pay tribute to some inspiring dogs throughout history, who have achieved incredible, gold medal winning feats.

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Full on Feast with Guru Dog Food

- Review

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Ember has been on Guru’s Surf and Turf food for around 5 months now, you can check out why we love it so much here.  So when we found out that Guru were bringing out a new, grain-free flavour, we were pretty excited.

Full on Feast is literally a full on feast of duck, sea fish and vegetables.

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What Dogs Teach Us About Marketing

- Marketing

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Watch and Adjust

When training a dog, you have to watch constantly in order to correct or praise them straight away otherwise, due to their short attention span, they will have no idea what you’re talking about.  This is similar to analytics – what are your most popular pages clicked straight from your home page etc.  This works with social media too, you need to look immediately to see how effective your posts have been – they are usually available in an average stream for a maximum of 30 minutes.  Think about which type of posts are the most popular and have the most interactions.

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Check out Purina’s adorable advert for their new #wearebetterwithpets campaign.


The aim of the campaign is to recognise and celebrate the benefits pets offer us as well as what we offer them, ultimately proving pets and people are better together.  It’s really simple join the movement, all you need to do is commit to do just one thing to help people experience the benefits of owning a dog or cat.  Not only will you be helping achieve a better future for pets and people, you will also join thousands of like-minded pet owners who are sharing their commitments.

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