Puppy Love

- Advert, Marketing

Sex sells.  You don’t need to be in business, marketing or selling to know this.  Let’s be honest, every other advert you see has half naked models promoting products or has some kind of sexual innuendo.  But sexual content even in the pet industry?  Check out some of these adverts from around the world, to see what some advertisers have come up with.

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Dogs Love Kale | Tropical Delight Treats

- Review

Dogs love Kale is an American dog treat brand which make healthy, all natural, gluten and grain free treats.   They key ingredient is Kale, which is super antioxidant and contains a ton of essential vital vitamins.  Benefits of Kale include;

– Bone health

– Healthy digestion

– Healthy skin and coat

– Reduced risk of heart disease

– Lowers blood sugar

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14 Reasons Dogs are the Perfect Date for Valentines Day

- Dog Life

Who’s a better Valentines date than your dog, right?  Here are 14 reasons why I’m not ashamed to be spending Valentine’s day with my dog.

Dogs are always over the moon to see us.  What’s better than a greeting from a wagging tail?

They’re always up for a cuddle, doggy snuggles are the best.

Dogs keep us warm at night and don’t steal the duvet and they don’t want anything in bed.

Dogs don’t care what you look like and never complain if you want to slob out.

They don’t mind what you do with them, as long as they can spend time with you.

A dog will never judge you. Never.

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World Galgo Day | #FreeTheGalgo

- Awareness, Social Media

This Wednesday, 1 February, is ‘World Galgo Day’ celebrating the end of hunting season in Spain.  As part of the hunting season, thousands of beautiful Galgo’s are breed, for the pure purpose of hunting.  During this period, an estimated 50,000 – 100,000 Galgo’s are treated in the most horrific way possible and left abandoned.  To find out more check out National Geographic’s eye-opening article here.

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Poochie Products

- Review


With a wet winter full in force and spring showers still to contend with, rainy day dog walks, and therefore a wet dog is inevitable.   Drying your dog can be a time-consuming effort, but that’s where Poochie Products come in.  Their adorable microfibre, fast drying towels are perfect for drying your dog quickly and comfortably.

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How to Know if Your Cosmetics are Cruelty-Free

- Cruelty Free

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.33.56

Until it becomes required for companies to label the background of their products, how easy would that be, it can be difficult to work out which companies do not test their products on animals.  Why is it the good guys have to jump hoops in order to ensure customers are aware of their cruelty free products?

But don’t worry, there are many ways you can use to work out if your favourite products are cruelty free, as well as finding more cruelty free brands.

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Benefits of Dog Walks

- Dog Life, Fitness

I love walking.  It’s the best form of exercise and is great to clear your mind, but walking with a dog is even better! Ember also loves walkies, being out in the open air with loads of sniffs as well as birds and squirrels to chase. There is just something magical about being amidst nature with your best friend. There is also plenty of benefits of exercising outside with your dog, many of which are scientifically proven. Need more proof?  Heres’ some of my favourite reasons to exercise outside with your dog:

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Elements of a Kick Ass Viral Campaign

- Marketing, Social Media

Viral ad campaigns have been circulating around the Internet and on our tv screens for years now.  Viral campaigns are great for spreading information and raising awareness.  As social media does most of the work spreading the message, viral ads are fairly inexpensive and provide great ROI, therefore they are popular with small businesses and non-profit organisations.  Heres some tips on how to create a successful viral campaign.

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Pet Nature Box

- Review

Looking for the perfect subscription box for your dog?  Look no further than Pet Nature Box. With different options to choose for different sizes of dogs, they also offer the Tough Nut box for dogs who are notorious toy destroyers and the Double Trouble box if you have more then one dog.

These boxes contain only the most natural treats and ethically made toys. Their prices start from just £19.99 a month and each box contains 5-6 items every month.

Ember receives the My Dad’s Bigger than your Dad box, here’s what she got in her December box.

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Going Cruelty Free | Pretty Harmless

- Cruelty Free

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.33.00

Looking for a New Year Affirmation (we don’t do resolutions around here) that you can stick to?  How about one that is kind to animals, good for the environment and better for you; try going cruelty-free.  This could be in many ways – through your makeup and home products or by becoming vegetarian or even vegan.  Over the past year I have completely changed my mindset and become cruelty-free and vegetarian.  In this new series, aptly named Pretty Harmless,  I want to document everything I have learnt to hopefully help and encourage others.

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