Pure Pet Food

- Review

Last year Ember was lucky enough to try some of Pure Pet Food’s Meaty Sweetie Treats.  You can read our review here. These treats were a perfect introduction to the Pure Pet Food brand, so I was very excited for Ember to try some of their food.

Ember is doing really well recently on her current food Guru, but we have been wanting to add a little bit of wet food to her evening meal, I instantly knew Pure Pet Food was the best first option.

The food we are lucky enough to try is Chicken Dinner, which is grain free and designed for sensitive dogs, perfect for Ember as she has quite a sensitive tummy.

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Firework Fear Tips

- Dog Life

That time of year is coming up again, firework season is upon us and as usual bonfire night appears to have become bonfire month. Fortunately, Ember isn’t too bothered about the fireworks as long as she is inside, but some dogs can be left terrified by them. Common signs of noise phobia include shaking, trembling, drooling, barking, howling, trying to hide and refusing to eat. Here are some tips for helping your dog on those frightful firework nights:


Keep them at home if you are going to a firework display, a safe and comfortable home environment is much safer.


Close the curtains and even consider leaving the TV or radio on to help keep them calm.


Provide a safe place that your dog can escape to if they are feeling stressed or fearful.


Take your dog for a walk before the fireworks start so they are not outside once the fireworks begin.


Play a game with them to help take their mind off the noises and help them feel relaxed and comfortable.


Try to act as normal as possible, this will help your dog feel calm as they will pick up on any bad vibes from you. 


If your dog comes to you for comfort, give them attention and some love, ignoring them will only make the situation even more confusing and difficult for them.


Make sure they are wearing their ID, just in case they some who manage to get out.


Make sure your dog has plenty of water, if they are anxious they may pant a little more and need to keep a little more hydrated than normal.



Dangerous Foods for Dogs

- Dog Life

Dangerous Food for Dogs

When you have a dog, particularly one that eats literally everything (cue Ember) it’s important to know foods that are dangerous for dogs to ingest. Fortunately for us, Go Compare have created a useful infographic to display the foods that are dangerous for our dogs.

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Murphy’s Bakery

- Dog Life
Murphey's Bakery Treats

As I’m sure you know by now, Ember loves bananas, so when I found Murphy’s Bakery on Instagram, I knew she would have to try their treats.

Murphey’s Bakery treats are hand-baked in Worcestershire and the company take pride in ensuring they use locally sourced ingredients. Packed full of these locally sourced fruit and vegetables, these treats are also wheat and gluten free making them perfect for dogs suffering from allergies. They currently have four different flavours; Carrot and Banana, Apple and Oat, Peanut Butter and Banana and Beef and Cheddar. I choose the three veggie treats for Ember to try.

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Koko Collective Dog Collars

- Dog Life

As part of my journey to try and lead a more ethical life, I knew I wanted to find more ethical accessories for Ember, which is where Koko Collective comes in, a small business who create ethical, vegan dog collars and leads. All their dog collars and leads are made with recycled materials including bicycle inner tubes, an alternative for leather that is vegan-friendly, as well as second-hand fabric from local sari makers in India, where the accessories are made.

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Ending Puppy Farms with Pup Aid

- Cruelty Free

On Saturday 1st September, Pup Aid hosted their annual free dog show in Primrose Hill, London.  The aim of this event and Pup Aid as an organisation, is to simply put a stop to the demand for puppies, which leads to puppy farming.  They do this by setting their event up to raise awareness for responsible breeding practices and promoting the amazing dogs available for rescue.   Puppy farms are unfortunately still running all around the world where both the breeding dogs and their puppies are kept in horrible conditions, the puppies are then sold in mass and the mumma dogs will go on to have more litters than the maximum frequency they should.  It’s tough knowing that this is still going on, but with organisations like Pup Aid and events like the one they are hosting, we can put an end to this horrible industry.   For more information about Pup Aid and their event click HERE. Read More