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Being a total newbie when I started this blog, I signed up to hosting from a well known web hosting platform thinking nothing of it, but towards the end of last year I found out so much more about the real impact of web hosting.

I had no idea the environmental impact website hosting could have, but the millions of sites on the internet running on fossil fuels are rivalling massive industries as major contributors to global carbon emissions. I was pretty horrified to find out I was contributing to this. A website is essentially a bunch of files including the HTML, images, posts etc which are stored on a ‘server’. This then serves the website files to website visitors, so paying a company to store these files on their serves is hosting. In order to keep the website online 24 hours 7 days a week for website visitors from all over the world, these computer servers must stay online 24/7 too.

With online users set to increase to 7.6 billion by 2020, just 2 years away, it’s clear to see the demand for online data is only going to continue to grow too. Therefore, the electricity needed to power this demand is going to need to increase as well, producing much more fossil fuel electricity pollution.

So, while my actions to switch to green-powered hosting may not change the world, I knew switching to wind power was the best option for me, also reducing my own carbon footprint. At the start of the year I made the switch to Green Hosting, which is a super affordable hosting service powered by 100% renewable energy. Their hosting servers, routers and cooling systems run entirely on wind-generated electricity from wind farms all over the UK. The power doesn’t stop if there is little wind, due to the energy supplied via the grid, which means it is completely reliable and requires zero back up fossil fuels.

Green Hosting as founded by Ethical Web Design company Make Hay and have a list of values which ensures they have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Check out their client’s page to see the amazing organisations they serve wind-powered hosting too, I’m in good company!

As for making the switch, I hardly had to lift a finger. I worked with Jez who was incredibly helpful, even contacting me out of hours to update me on the progress. Essentially, I went to work in the morning with the blog running on the old hosting site and returned in the evening to the site powered 100% by wind on Green Hosting’s server.

Visit Green Hosting to find out how you can join me and run your site using just the wind (which have certainly had a lot of in the UK recently). Let me know if you are joining the Green Side!

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