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on November 19, 2017

Last weekend was Ember’s third birthday and I found her the perfect birthday present, a Wet Nose Dog box. This box is actually a monthly subscription box, but you can also get special one time boxes for special events such as birthdays, Christmas and gotcha days.

All the products included are hand selected which means they are all high quality and even separately packaged, which made opening the box even more fun. There was also a treat for us humans and even a birthday card for Ember.

Signing up for a box is super easy. Simply enter your dog’s name, size, gender and birthday. There is also a box where you can add in any special information, such as dietary requirements and if they are tough chewers. As Ember’s was for her birthday, Sandra from Wet Nose Dog even contacted us to ensure the box was personalised for her birthday.

Beco Ball on a Rope

Ember loves this toy, as balls and ropes are two of her favourite things. I love Beco as a brand and almost bought this exact one for Ember for her birthday. This toy is eco-friendly and made from plant fibre, whilst also being strong and durable. It is also non-toxic, 100% natural and even has a delicious vanilla scent.







Soopa Superfood Sticks – Kale and Apple

Ember loves the Soopa Healthy Bites, so these chews were a massive hit. They are 100% natural with added kelp for coat and dental health. These treats are also hypoallergenic and kale is a great ingredient with a number of benefits.


Pooch and Mutt Daily Dental Treats

Pooch and Mutt is one of our all-time favourite brands. Healthy, ethical and made to a high quality, their treats are perfect for dogs and contain no additives. These treats are no different and are made with little more than Chicken, peppermint and parsley which also means they help combat bad breath too.


Pointy faces Paw and Nose Balm

Another brand I have been wanting to try for a while now. This unscented balm is made with organic, high-quality ingredients such as coconut, almond oil and she’s butter and is moisturising for both paws and noses. Perfect for this cold weather.








Edgard and Cooper Chicken and Turkey 

Ember doesn’t generally eat wet food, but I’ve heard great things about Edgard and Cooper, so I am excited for her to try this food. Made with chicken, turkey and vegetables and containing no added fillers or additives, this food is perfect for sensitive dogs and can be mixed with dry food to add a delicious dimension.







Also included were some must have poop bags which are scented and biodegradable. Plus, there is a treat for humans too; nakd salted caramel fruit and nut nibbles, which are natural and 100% vegan. There were also a few pet remedy calming wipes which are super useful, de-stress, calming wipes which are perfect for travelling.

Overall, this box was the perfect birthday present and I love how it was a surprise for me too, as I had no idea what was going to be included. The added personalisation and birthday card made the box even more special and I love how natural and healthy all the products were.

You can find Wet Nose Box here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

‘Every dog is special and unique and we want to help you ensure that they have the very best products.’

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