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Pure Pet Food

- Dog Life

Last year Ember was lucky enough to try some of Pure Pet Food’s Meaty Sweetie Treats.  These treats were a perfect introduction to the Pure Pet Food brand, so I was very excited for Ember to try some of their food.

Ember is doing really well recently on her current food Guru, but we have been wanting to add a little bit of wet food to her evening meal, I instantly knew Pure Pet Food was the best first option.

The food we are lucky enough to try is Chicken Dinner, which is grain free and designed for sensitive dogs, perfect for Ember as she has quite a sensitive tummy.

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Ending Puppy Farms with Pup Aid

- Cruelty Free

On Saturday 1st September, Pup Aid hosted their annual free dog show in Primrose Hill, London.  The aim of this event and Pup Aid as an organisation, is to simply put a stop to the demand for puppies, which leads to puppy farming.  They do this by setting their event up to raise awareness for responsible breeding practices and promoting the amazing dogs available for rescue.   Puppy farms are unfortunately still running all around the world where both the breeding dogs and their puppies are kept in horrible conditions, the puppies are then sold in mass and the mumma dogs will go on to have more litters than the maximum frequency they should.  It’s tough knowing that this is still going on, but with organisations like Pup Aid and events like the one they are hosting, we can put an end to this horrible industry.   For more information about Pup Aid and their event click HERE. Read More

Big Tick Project | Our Experience and Tips

- Dog Life
The Big Tick Project

In August 2015 Ember picked up a tick on her stomach whilst we were on holiday in the New Forest.  Ironically, the same year in April 2015, the Big Tick Project was launched in the New Forest.  The Campaign was started to raise awareness about ticks and tick-bourne diseases in the UK, to help pet owners protect their pets and themselves.  Each year, veterinary practices collect data and complete a questionnaire to contribute to The Big Tick Project’s Campaign.  The information helps to make up a UK threat map, which shows the risk of ticks in local areas.  Find the map here, is your local area a high risk?  Mine is!  You can find out more about The Big Tick Project here.   The Big Tick Project are also sponsoring Dog Fest this year which will be taking place in June in Chesire and Hertfordshire, you can get your tickets here!

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Neoh and Nobo Review

- Dog Life

A few weeks ago, Ember tried some Neoh and Nobo Banana and Turmeric treats, you can find our first impressions here.  Long story short she loved them, so when Neoh and Nobo officially launched I ordered the rest of the collection straight away.   Neoh and Nobo’s brand aesthetic is everything and their website is so fresh and modern, with plenty of information about their treats.   Along with information about the brand and treats, there is also information about how they are made, the ingredients they use along with their benefits and let’s not forget their eco seal (paw print) of approval.


Neoh and Nobo’s treats are all made with natural and ethical, not forgetting healthy ingredients and the brand is created in memory of their dog Neoh.  All the ingredients are human grade and ethically sourced, the treats are made in small batches which helps to ensure quality and the packaging used is environmentally friendly too.

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