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Dog Christmas Safety Survival Guide

Dog Christmas

Christmas is coming (read that in a Jon Snow voice, of course) in fact, it’s only a week until Christmas Day.  It’s Ember’s first Christmas with us and while Christmas is supposed to be stressful, with some fun too, it’s obviously more stressful when you are a dog owner.  In order to make sure that Ember has the safest first Christmas, I’ve been making a list, and checking it twice. So I thought I would share with you to make sure the Christmas period goes smoothly for your dog and you....

Spring Plant Safety for Dogs

Spring Plant Safety for Dogs

Spring is coming and along with it, hopefully nice weather, but also spring flowers – some of which may be poisonous to our pets.  There are several common plants which we need to be cautious of, along with symptoms which come with poisoning.  Dogs can be poisoned by eating just part of the plant, leaves or bulbs from the plant and heavy pollinated plants could disperse on their back and be licked off.  Here’s a handy picture guide to some common poisonous plants which you may come across this year, along with some useful information....