Social Media Tricks to Learn from Your Dog

Basic Needs

Just like food, water and walks for dogs, social media profiles have basic requirements in order to survive:

1. A complete profile – This should contain your information: name, photo, email and description.  The more people know about you, the more they relate to and follow you.

2. Constant activity – Participate in the network, post content, like other profiles content and get involved in the conversations.



Clear communication is key when training dogs and communicating clearly on social media is just as important, it also helps people know you are there.

1. Keywords – Use relevant keywords wisely, along with hashtags and ensure they are relevant to what your audience is searching for.

2. Be clear and concise – Make sure thoughts and word are clear and concise, using the correct grammar.  And don’t forget to proofread, just in case!



Dogs need attention, love and praise, these factors are essential to make sure your dog is happy.  And your social media friends need your love and attention too.

1. Comment, follow and like – By commenting and liking your connection’s posts, you are showing your interest in the content they are posting.  It also helps to build stronger connections and shows your support, as well as helping you gain a wider audience.

2. Don’t ignore – Make sure you respond to any comments or messages you may receive in order to gain and maintain a good connection.  It also helps to encourage more comments and helps to start a conversation.

3. Interact – Just like dogs love to play and doing so helps strengthen your bond, interacting with your social media followers helps to build a strong relationship.


Check Ups 

Regular checkups with the vet are essential for your dog’s health and your social medias site also need regular checkups too.

1. Keep up to date – Update your pictures and descriptions regularly, just to freshen up your profile.  Also try using different keywords and hashtags to see if this increases your reach, following and overall interaction.  Don’t forget to also check your analytics regularly to see how each post succeeds with your follows and gains the most interactions.


Do you have any more tips you have learnt about social media from your dog?  We would love to know!

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