The real cost of Canada Goose

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on January 14, 2018

American brand Canada Goose, famous for selling outerwear have recently been in the public eye in the UK (again) due to their new store opening in Regent Street.

This multimillion dollar brand is one of the labels of choice for celebrities and wannabes due to the name. However, the true cost of these coats is much more than the £900 price label, due to the unthinkable cruelty that goes into making the products.

Here are some facts why, despite many thinking these jackets are the warmest, this brand is actually the coldest.

– Canada Goose uses real coyote fur as the trim on their hoods

– These coyotes are trapped with the infamous, horrendous leg trap hold

– This practice is currently legal in most territories across Canada and despite being banned in many counties, it is still the most widely used animal trap

– Of course, not just coyotes are caught in these traps

– Most animals caught in these traps die trying to free themselves, due to dehydration, blood loss or hypothermia

– Desperate to escape, most animals caught break their own limbs to try and get free

– It is estimated that for every ‘target’ animal, up to 10 ‘trash’ animals are thought to be killed

– These ‘trash’ animals are thought to include dogs, cats and some endangered animals

– It’s not just the fur though, the down feathers which are used to insulate the coat, are collected through a live plucking process

– Essentially workers will restrain the birds and literally rip handfuls of their feathers out

Therefore it’s no surprise many animal rights activists have been protesting this brand and their animal store. If you would like to get involved and force this company to make the right changes, you can sign a petition here.

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