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on November 12, 2018

Last year Ember was lucky enough to try some of Pure Pet Food’s Meaty Sweetie Treats.  These treats were a perfect introduction to the Pure Pet Food brand, so I was very excited for Ember to try some of their food.

Ember is doing really well recently on her current food Guru, but we have been wanting to add a little bit of wet food to her evening meal, I instantly knew Pure Pet Food was the best first option.

The food we are lucky enough to try is Chicken Dinner, which is grain free and designed for sensitive dogs, perfect for Ember as she has quite a sensitive tummy.

As a complete dog food, made with just 7 human grade ingredients including chicken, potato, carrot and very visible wholesome veggies, Pure Pet Food is economic to feed due to the rehydration process.  The box itself contains 500g of food but once warm water is added it makes 2kg of food. Dehydrated food is also great as it means the food preserves its original freshness.

Once the water has been added it takes about 15 minutes to rehydrate before being ready to sever and can be stored for a couple of days in the fridge, which is perfect if you are busy or on the go.  This is what we do for Ember and she goes mad for it.

The process of making the food up was as easy as they say: scoop out the product, add the recommended amount of water, stir and leave for 15 minutes.  Then serve and watch your dog devour their new favourite food.

Ember loves this food, even the smell gets her tail wagging and she can’t wait until she can eat it.  The 15-minute wait for her must feel like a lifetime.  In terms of improvements, despite only being on this food for around 3 weeks, she has definitely stopped trying to eat everything on walks, especially grass!

Pure Pet Food is a British owned company who use only pure food in their meals and have a range of different complete and mixer recipes, so there is bound to be one perfect for every dog.

Pure Pet Food’s philosophy is ‘why would you feed your dog something you wouldn’t eat yourself?’ And that’s how the company started, it is also how you know that only the best ingredients are used and they are manufactured to the highest quality possible.

Pure are PETA certified.  This means their manufacturing process contains no animal testing and their food is ethical.   They also have a loyalty programme on their website where you can earn points through sales.  There is also a useful feeding calculator, which helps you work out how much to feed your dog per day, along with how much this will cost.

Have you tried Pure Pet Food, what does your dog think about it? We’d love to know!

We were lucky enough to receive a 500g bag of Pure Pet Food Chicken Dinner to try, this does not affect our opinion, or Ember’s taste. 


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