Surviving the First Night

- Dog Life

The first night with your new addition is the first and hardest hurdle in your new relationship.  Not only is their new home a completely new surrounding, with new people and new smells, it is probably the first time they have ever been alone.

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What Dogs Teach Us About Marketing

- Marketing

Watch and Adjust

When training a dog, you have to watch constantly in order to correct or praise them straight away otherwise, due to their short attention span, they will have no idea what you’re talking about.  This is similar to analytics – what are your most popular pages clicked straight from your home page etc.  This works with social media too, you need to look immediately to see how effective your posts have been – they are usually available in an average stream for a maximum of 30 minutes.  Think about which type of posts are the most popular and have the most interactions.

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Road Trip Tips

- Travel

Whilst some dogs love car rides, Ember included, some dogs struggle being in the car for a long period of time.  If, in your judgement, your dog would enjoy a road trip with you, here’s some tips I have collected to make travelling with your dog an enjoyable and safe experience.

1. Take breaks

This is a given, toilet breaks are a must for most humans, so of course they are a necessity for dogs. A leg stretch is also a welcome break for dogs too, no one likes sitting in a car for hours on end.

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Organic Barkery Treats

- Review, Treats

Organic ingredients and dog treats sounds like the perfect combination, right? That’s where Organic Barkery come in. These home baked treats are made with fresh and natural ingredients which have many benefits including helping with dogs breath, skin and general overall health.

As a family run business, it’s very clear how important dogs health are to the team at Organic Barkery.  Their treats are totally unique and exciting, paying homage to most loved classic British biscuits including custard creams, bourbons and jammy dodgers.

Ember was very excited to get sent three exciting bags of treats; jammy dodgers, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter and banana bears (you guessed it, Ember’s favourite).

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What I Look For in Treats

- Dog Life, Treats

It’s no secret that Ember loves food and behaves best when she is rewarded with treats.  I love working with her training, whether it’s just enhancing her basic skills, or our new recent hobby agility.  Therefore, high-quality treats are an important part of our daily arsenal, here are a few things I look for in treats for Ember.

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Why You Should Take Your Dog on Holiday

- Dog Life, Travel

Holiday season is here! Whilst some people prefer to go abroad on super swanky holidays, I like nothing more than an adventure holiday where Ember can come too.  Two years ago we went to the New Forest and we’re going back again this year, I can’t wait!  There are so many benefits of taking your dog on holiday, here are a few of my favourites.

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Pure Pet Food

- Review

Last year Ember was lucky enough to try some of Pure Pet Food’s Meaty Sweetie Treats.  You can read our review here. These treats were a perfect introduction to the Pure Pet Food brand, so I was very excited for Ember to try some of their food.

Ember is doing really well recently on her current food Guru, but we have been wanting to add a little bit of wet food to her evening meal, I instantly knew Pure Pet Food was the best first option.

The food we are lucky enough to try is Chicken Dinner, which is grain free and designed for sensitive dogs, perfect for Ember as she has quite a sensitive tummy.

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Summer Tips for Dogs

- Health


Summer is on it’s way, which usually in the UK means a few hot sunny days followed by clouds and rain.  But when we do get some sunshine it’s important to remember how our dogs get affected by the heat.  Here are a few tips to help keep your dog cool for the summer.


Keep your dog hydrated
Keep an eye on their water bowl and refill when it is needed, you could also add a few ice cubes to help the water stay cool.  When you’re on the go remember to carry a travel bowl around with you so your dog can have a drink if they need it.

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Why You Should Go Cruelty Free

- Cruelty Free

According to cruelty-free international, over 115 million animals have been tested on worldwide. You have the power to use your voice and your choice to make a difference and say no to animal testing.  Here are a few more reasons why:

1. Animal testing is as cruel as it gets.  The animals are contained in small cages with no natural light, fresh air or room to move around. The tests are beyond cruel and the animals know nothing but fear and live a life full of suffering.

2. Technology advancements.  Companies will argue products are tested on animals to ensure they are safe for human use, but truth be told there are many alternatives to animal testing.  Technology has advanced to create modules which prevent harm to anyone or anything. Find out more information here.

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Keep The Ban | GE 2017

- Activism


So what if fox hunting is a tradition? So was slavery, child labour and witch hunting once, all so cruel and all so rightfully illegal. Traditions are not about the length of time something happens, they are about relevance and morals. There is nothing moral about dogs tearing these beautiful creatures apart for fun. It’s our choice and duty to make this world a better place, not be the generation who stand by and get their kicks out of cruelty and merciless killing. The ban was originally brought in because, as Britains, we saw ourselves as civilised, There is and never should be a place in our society for fox hunting to be considered a sport.  It is not only the foxes which are subjected to this abuse, the horses and dogs, typically beagles, which take part also suffer horrific injuries.

This is what the Conservative Party will bring back if the remain in charge of our country after the election tomorrow.  I’ll just leave that with you.