Neoh and Nobo Review

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on May 28, 2017

A few weeks ago, Ember tried some Neoh and Nobo Banana and Turmeric treats, you can find our first impressions here.  Long story short she loved them, so when Neoh and Nobo officially launched I ordered the rest of the collection straight away.   Neoh and Nobo’s brand aesthetic is everything and their website is so fresh and modern, with plenty of information about their treats.   Along with information about the brand and treats, there is also information about how they are made, the ingredients they use along with their benefits and let’s not forget their eco seal (paw print) of approval.


Neoh and Nobo’s treats are all made with natural and ethical, not forgetting healthy ingredients and the brand is created in memory of their dog Neoh.  All the ingredients are human grade and ethically sourced, the treats are made in small batches which helps to ensure quality and the packaging used is environmentally friendly too.

All the treats are made with just 9 ingredients and are so unique and according to Ember as tasty as they sound.


These treats are made with butternut squash, vanilla beans and blueberries, they have many benefits including improving the digestion and nervous systems as well as metabolism maintenance.

These ones are made with beetroot, apple, cinnamon and of course papayas and pumpkin seeds.  These have benefits including healthy skin and coat, I love how you can see the pumpkin seeds in the treat.


Of course Ember’s all time favourite, made with Bananas, of course, along with carrots and molasses.  The treats are designed to help support the digestive system and a recognisable yellow, due to the Turmeric.

Peanut butter for dogs isn’t new, but the use of organic cinnamon and organic coconut makes Neoh and Nobo’s dog butter perfectly unique.  Ember loves treats which contain peanut butter, but I’ve always been wary of buying doggy peanut butter due to the ingredients.  However, Neoh and Nobo is created using just three ingredients, the other being Peanut butter, with no added nasties.

Ember was sniffing the jar as soon as I opened the parcel and it was no surprise, the peanut butter smells amazing.  I put a bit of it on half of a treat and Ember loved it, she came straight back for more and would have been more than happy to lick the peanut butter straight from the jar.

You can also purchase each of the flavours in the form of a dog biscuit bond, known as ‘The Big One’ which means they are perfect for special occasion presents or for on the go.  We will defiantly be trying these for our holiday.  Neoh and Nobo also have their White Bone Foundation where they donate funds to rescue organisations, such a big heart.

If you want to try some of their treats (you definitely should) visit their online store here.  You can also connect with Neoh and Nobo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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