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Milos Munchies

I first found Milo’s Munchies on Instagram and after finding out about their sample pack, I knew Ember would love to try them.

The treats are handmade in the UK and are taste tested by adorable terrier Milo. These treats are made with minimal ingredients and contain no added extras, which means they are super healthy and a perfect treat.

Meaty Bones

Meaty Bones

Made with chicken, carrot, potato and sweet corn, these bones are the perfect crunchy snack. They are also easy to break, so they would be suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Peanut Butter Treats 

Peanut Butter Hearts

These heart shaped, crunchy treats are made with peanut butter, flour, eggs and water. That is it. Just 4 ingredients, and super yummy according to Ember – she couldn’t get enough of them.

Carrot and Apple Bites 

Apple and Carrot bites

Carrot pieces and apple sauce are the main ingredients within these treats, which smell amazing by the way! These little square treats look just as tasty as they smell and they quickly become Ember’s favourite.

Sweet Potato Fries 

Milo’s munchies sweet potato

Modelled on their human equivalent, these treats are made with just sweet potatoes, coconut oil and cinnamon and look just as amazing as they smell. Plus, these soft treats are just as tasty as our sweet potato fries, which are my favourites.

You can follow Milo’s Munchies on Instagram here and find out more about their treats, plus purchase them here.

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