Keep The Ban | GE 2017

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So what if fox hunting is a tradition? So was slavery, child labour and witch hunting once, all so cruel and all so rightfully illegal. Traditions are not about the length of time something happens, they are about relevance and morals. There is nothing moral about dogs tearing these beautiful creatures apart for fun. It’s our choice and duty to make this world a better place, not be the generation who stand by and get their kicks out of cruelty and merciless killing. The ban was originally brought in because, as Britains, we saw ourselves as civilised, There is and never should be a place in our society for fox hunting to be considered a sport.  It is not only the foxes which are subjected to this abuse, the horses and dogs, typically beagles, which take part also suffer horrific injuries.

This is what the Conservative Party will bring back if the remain in charge of our country after the election tomorrow.  I’ll just leave that with you.


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