Improve Your Dog Walks

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Improve your dog walks

With some late summer sunshine to enjoy, dog walks are even more enjoyable, here are a few ways you can make your dog walks even better, for both you and your dog.

Walk with a purpose – have a destination in mind when you begin your walk, you can then enjoy the end destination, before making your way back home.

Walk with someone – bring a friend or member of your family to join your walks, you can have a catch up while enjoying the fresh air and the companionship of your dog too.

Add a canine companion – Exercise with another dog or even join an organised pack walk.  Not only is this great socialisation for your dog and for you, it will also add a fun element to your walk for both you and your pup.

Change up your route – doing the same walk over and over again is as boring for you as it is your dog.

Training opportunity – practice basic obedience and recall on your walks in different locations with different distractions to really enhance your dog’s training.

Learn new tricks – you could even begin learning new tricks on your walks.  Walk on a loose lead, practice walking nice near roads and around other people and dogs and wait patiently before crossing the road.

Go on an adventure – find a new route you have never been on before, you never know, it might become your new favourite walk.

Track your walks – use an app to track your route and measure the distance and time of your walk, you can also measure the number of steps you take and a number of calories you burn. Try to improve on these and build both your fitness and your dog’s fitness.


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