How to Know if Your Products are Cruelty-Free

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Until it becomes required for companies to label the background of their products, how easy would that be, it can be difficult to work out which companies do not test their products on animals.  Why is it the good guys have to jump hoops in order to ensure customers are aware of their cruelty free products?

But don’t worry, there are many ways you can use to work out if your favourite products are cruelty free, as well as finding more cruelty free brands.

Look for certified Cruelty-Free logos 

There are three certified bunny logos which companies include on the back or sides of their products.  However, companies have to pay licence to use these logos and must meet all the standards implied by these organisations.

Certified Cruelty Free Logos

Watch out for unofficial Logos 

Some companies will try to deceive customers into believing their products are cruelty free, by using similar bunny logos.  These logos have no third-party organisation, certification or regulations behind them.

Unofficial Cruelty Free Logos

Check Online

There are hundreds of online resources for cruelty-free products, so it is sometimes hard to know who to trust.  Some lists may differ from others and some may not be updated regularly.

Each certified logo organisation have brand lists on their website:
Leaping Bunny
Choose Cruelty Free
Beauty Without Bunnies

There are also plenty of Cruelty-Free and vegan bloggers who regularly update brand lists, along with useful information, resources and reviews, my favourites are:
Cruelty Free Kitty
Logical Harmony
My Beauty Bunny
Elephant Room

Cruelty Free Apps 

Cruelty Free apps are useful if you are on the go and quickly want to check if a product is cruelty free.  By simply scanning the bar code of a product, you can see if it was tested or not.
Leaping Bunny App
Choose Cruelty Free App
Cruelty Cutter – Beagle Freedom App

These methods have been very helpful for me whilst trying to find some new cruelty free products and I’ve really enjoyed it! Which of these methods do you like to use and trust?

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