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on January 21, 2018

Looking for a New Year change that you can stick to?  How about one that is kind to animals, good for the environment and better for you; try going cruelty-free.  This could be in many ways – through your makeup and home products or by becoming vegetarian or even vegan.  Over the past two years, I have completely changed my mindset and become cruelty-free and vegetarian.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I have turned a blind eye to the real issue of animal testing and have been using products for my own vanity, which have been used to torture animals.

Animal testing is generally illegal in the UK, however, if it is required by law, a lot of companies test their products on animals.  Most companies also sell in China, which by law must have products tested on animals.

Technology is advancing every day and by now should be able to replace the need to test on animals and if we all support cruelty free brands, hopefully others will follow suit.

What does 100% cruelty-free mean?
Many companies may claim to be cruelty-free, but in reality, they do one of these 4 things;

1. They may not test their products on animals themselves, but they have a third party do it for them.
2. The finished product is not tested on animals, but the ingredients used are.
3. Their finished product and the ingredients used are not tested on animals, but they sell in China which means they are, by law, required o be tested on animals before being sold.
4. They may not do any of the above, but they are owned by a company that freely tests other products and brands on animals.

Cruelty Free Logos 
The key is ensuring the ingredients used are not tested on animals, whether the final product is or is not.  The easiest and fastest way to check the status of products when shopping is looking at their logos.


What I have learnt
The most important I have learned is to take it step by step, it can be pretty overwhelming, so slowly transitioning products with cruelty-free alternatives when they were used up was the easiest way for me.
Researching products, shops and general advice also made me more comfortable and confident when making the change.

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