Why Vegetarian + Veggie Treats for Dogs

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on May 21, 2017

How exciting is it that there is a whole week dedicated to vegetarians!? Around a year ago I made the, maybe mad for some, decision to go vegetarian. I went from being a massive bacon and burger lover to being completely turned off by meat.  There are a few resins why I decided to go vegan and why I have begun to think more compassionately about the food I consume.  This isn’t going to be a ‘shoving my beliefs down your throats’ kind of post, but hopefully it will inspire someone.  Plus I’ve included some of Ember’s favourite veggie dog treats at the end.


For The Animals 

I’ve also been a big animal lover, but I guess I never really thought about where my food came from.  That was until Ember came into my life, I realised how amazing animals really are.  How they are loving, intelligent and not dissimilar to us.  Morally for me, becoming vegetarian felt like my small step for improving animal rights.


The Food is Amazing 

There are so many delicious veggie options and alternatives out there, in supermarkets and restaurants.  To help the transition there are so many meat substitutes.

Water Use 

When I found out the amount of water that was used to create meat meals, I was generally gobsmacked. Considering how sparse water is in so many countries, I couldn’t believe that to make 1 lb of beef it takes 5,214 gallons of water. Compare this to 1lb of apples which only takes 49 gallons, I know what I would rather choose.


Veggie for Dogs 

There are so many healthy vegetable based dog treats on the market, here are some of Ember’s favourites:

Neoh and Nobo | FIRST IMPRESSIONS | REVIEW (Coming Soon!)

Busters Bisquits | REVIEW 

Huxley Hound | REVIEW (Coming Soon!)

Wellybix | REVIEW 


Soopa Pets | REVIEW (Coming Soon!)

Going Cruelty Free

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