Benefits of Dog Walks

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on April 22, 2018

I love walking.  It’s the best form of exercise and is great to clear your mind, but walking with a dog is even better! Ember also loves walkies, being out in the open air with loads of sniffs as well as birds and squirrels to chase. There is just something magical about being amidst nature with your best friend. There is also plenty of benefits of exercising outside with your dog, many of which are scientifically proven. Need more proof?  Heres’ some of my favourite reasons to exercise outside with your dog:

Physical and mental well-being for both you and your dog 

Not only are you and your dog burning calories and getting your heart pumping whilst releasing those endorphins, regular exercise can contribute immensely to dogs well being. Helping decrease the potential for health problems as well as allowing them to use up excess energy and have suitable mental stimulation. This leads to a happy and healthy dog.


Increase your oxygen intake 

Being amongst the trees and plants, which produce you have oxygen, means you have access to a higher concentration of oxygen which helps your body become more healthy and energised. You are also likely to be further away from cars and other pollutants meaning both you and your dog are creating a better quality of air.

Reduction of boredom and troublesome behaviour

Regular walks, along with other forms of exercise, helps reduce boredom in your dog which can cause destructive behaviour such as chewing and scrapping. Walks are positive opportunities for your dog to use their energy, explore new places, people and smells whilst keeping their mind alert.


Strengthen your bond, body and training 

Putting training into practise during walks is a great way to reinforce commands, improve behaviour and strengthen your bond with your dog. Your dog will also learn new things along with you, further improving your bond.

Build Confidence and trust 

Regular walks can help to build confidence in particularly timid dogs, like Ember. She still likes to stay close and make sure you are there, but she likes to explore her surroundings more and is becoming more comfortable and confident, especially around other animals and humans.


What’s your favourite thing about walking your dog?

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