Summer Tips for Dogs

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on June 18, 2017


Summer is on it’s way, which usually in the UK means a few hot sunny days followed by clouds and rain.  But when we do get some sunshine it’s important to remember how our dogs get affected by the heat.  Here are a few tips to help keep your dog cool for the summer.


Keep your dog hydrated
Keep an eye on their water bowl and refill when it is needed, you could also add a few ice cubes to help the water stay cool.  When you’re on the go remember to carry a travel bowl around with you so your dog can have a drink if they need it.


Early morning and late evening walks
These are the coolest times of the day, therefore the walks will be more bearable for both you and your dog.

Frozen treats
One of Ember’s favourite thing to do is eat, so to help her stay cool in the sun I use this to my advantage.  She loves to play with ice cubes and you can make your own frozen treats using fruits such as bananas and strawberries and you can even add some peanut butter (try Neoh and Nobo!) You can also get some frozen ice cream from Frozys and Billy and Margot.


Grass and shade walks
I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of dogs paws after walking on hot pavements.  If you can, keep to grass walks for the most part and try to stay in the shade where possible.  This is better for you and your dog.


Cool dog toys
All four paws have a range of summer toys, such as bones and balls, that you can put in the freezer to keep cool and then let your dog play with them.  Ember has a frozen bone and she loves to lay in the garden with it on hot days.  They also have hydration bones and toys which absorb water and help keep your dog refreshed and hydrated but in a fun way.

Invest in cooling gear
There are a range of cooling vests which your dog can wear to help cool them down, but if your dog isn’t feeling these you can also purchase cooling bandanas. Cooling mats are also a great option.


This one goes without saying
Never leave your dog unattended in the car, for any amount of time.  Also, watch your dog throughout the day for signs of dehydration and heat stroke and contact your vet if you have any concerns. 



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