Why You Should Take Your Dog on Holiday

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on July 29, 2018

Holiday season is here! Whilst some people prefer to go abroad on super swanky holidays, I like nothing more than an adventure holiday where Ember can come too.  Two years ago we went to the New Forest and we’re going back again this year, I can’t wait!  There are so many benefits of taking your dog on holiday, here are a few of my favourites.

Explore the local areas – what better way to go on adventures and discover the local area than with your dog?

You won’t have to worry about them at home and wonder if they are okay. Enjoy your holiday with your dog, guilt free.

You also won’t have to pay any expensive kennel fees or rely on anyone to look after your dog. You may have to pay a small fee in order to take your dog with you, but it won’t set you back any more than kennels will.

With the new environment, you will have lots of fun and create new and enriching memories for you and your dog.

Dogs make your holiday 100 times more fun, their unconditional joy means they will always be the life and soul of the holiday, always rearing to go and adventure even more.

Dogs also make amazing travel companions, especially if you are travelling alone. You will never actually be alone and will meet a load of new people just through your dog!

If you’re looking to book a holiday away with your dog, check out Pets Pyjamas.  They have loads of dog friendly holiday destinations, which you can easily book through them, as well as a heap of travel tips and inspiration.

Have you been on holiday with your dog?  What’s your favourite thing about taking them away?

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