Dangerous Foods for Dogs

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on October 28, 2018

When you have a dog, particularly one that eats literally everything (cue Ember) it’s important to know foods that are dangerous for dogs to ingest. Fortunately for us, Go Compare have created a useful infographic to display the foods that are dangerous for our dogs.

They have created this is an effort to not only save dogs from getting ill, but also saving owners from hefty vet bills. See it here

A lot of foods poisonous for dogs are seasonal and with the seasons changing and the holiday period coming up (how did that happen so fast?) there are a lot of hazards to look out for. Here are a few particularly bad ones to avoid:

Conkers: while cases of serious poisoning are rare, ingesting these seeds can cause an intestinal blockage and can also cause a dog to fall pretty ill.

Oaks/acorns: acorns contain tannic acid which is known to cause damage to the kidney and liver if they are eaten regularly. Due to their size, acorns can also cause an intestinal blockage.

Luminous necklaces: these are the ones you snap to glow, they were popular circa 2006. It is the chemical mixture in these necklaces that are dangerous as it can cause problems with gums and their stomachs.

Traditional Christmas food: chocolate, nuts, fruit cakes, puddings, mince pies etc can be toxic to dogs. Turkey bones can cause choking and damage to dogs intestines too.

Traditional Christmas plants: Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are toxic to dogs, so it’s important to keep those out of your dogs reach.

Decorations: tinsel and electrics can be dangerous if ingested, as well as batteries which are toxic.

Anti-freeze: due to antifreeze tasting sweet and being palatable, this makes dogs more likely to want to eat it. Unfortunately, only a small quantity can cause damage to your dog’s kidneys and can sadly be fatal.


Other all year round dangerous foods include:

Bones                                   Bread dough

Dairy products                     Garlic and onion

Xylitol                                  Avocado

Tomato                                Caffeine

Dried fruit                            Fresh fruit

Nuts                                     Grapes

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