China Ban Dog Meat Sales

Posted in Activism
on May 18, 2017

How amazing is the news that China have banned dog meat from being sold to coincide with the Yulin Festival!? They are planning to “prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at the event.” The ban should come in on June 15, one week before the festival even begins! This is a massive step in getting this inhumane event banned. So while we celebrate this we can also make enough noise towards getting the whole festival stopped.

The Yulin Festival is not a traditional event it was started in 2010 by dog meat traders trying to boost sales. Around 10,000 – 15,000 dogs and cats are killed each year during the festival, many of which are pets stolen from homes. They are treated in the most horrendous way, as it is believed the more adrenaline fuelled the meat, the tastier is it to eat.

Buuut, if we all stand together and make enough noise, we can end this inhumane event once and for all.

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