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Soopa Healthy Bites | Carrot and Pumpkin

- Review, Treats


With Halloween coming up and all the human treats we get when trick or treating, our dogs shouldn’t miss out right? And I’ve found the perfect Halloween treat; Soopa’s Healthy Bites in the flavour Carrot and Pumpkin, of course.

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Soopa’s Healthy Bites ate grain free and made from human grade ingredients and are also great for dogs with allergies. The treats are the perfect size for training and are also less than 3 kcal per treat.

The ingredients include carrot pieces and pumpkin seed flour as well as potato starch and Turmeric. So they are super low fat and are great for dogs with low immunity, bad breath and poor digestion. Pumpkin is great for dogs skin and coat and also help with digestion, while Turmeric contains so many health benefits.

The little pillow pouch that the treats come in is super cute and small enough to put in your pocket or take when travelling. What’s amazing is the packaging can also double up as a poop scoop! The treats are held in a resealable bag to help them stay fresh.

The treats themselves are shaped like little flowers and are small enough to be suitable for all breeds of dogs. And despite the size, these treats seem pretty chewy, meaning Ember had to take her time and couldn’t wolf it down.

They also smell amazing and natural and apparently taste great too as Ember can’t seem to get enough of them.


Soopa also make carrot and pumpkin dental sticks which are also grain free and hypoallergenic. These chews help to clean teeth and are perfect for dogs who love to chew. We will definitely be checking these out.

As well as carrot and pumpkin, you can also find Healthy Bites in cranberry and sweet potato and kale and apple flavours. They are also natural, healthy and will make the perfect Halloween treat for your dog.


Top Collar Box

- Review, Treats

Top collar are a fortnightly or monthly subscription box which contain a pack of homemade, tasty dog treats. With flavours including bangers and mash, fish pie and full English breakfast, the doggy chef, Sophie hand makes the treats with love and care.

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Organic Barkery Treats

- Review, Treats

Organic ingredients and dog treats sounds like the perfect combination, right? That’s where Organic Barkery come in. These home baked treats are made with fresh and natural ingredients which have many benefits including helping with dogs breath, skin and general overall health.

As a family run business, it’s very clear how important dogs health are to the team at Organic Barkery.  Their treats are totally unique and exciting, paying homage to most loved classic British biscuits including custard creams, bourbons and jammy dodgers.

Ember was very excited to get sent three exciting bags of treats; jammy dodgers, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter and banana bears (you guessed it, Ember’s favourite).

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What I Look For in Treats

- Dog Life, Treats

It’s no secret that Ember loves food and behaves best when she is rewarded with treats.  I love working with her training, whether it’s just enhancing her basic skills, or our new recent hobby agility.  Therefore, high-quality treats are an important part of our daily arsenal, here are a few things I look for in treats for Ember.

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Neoh and Nobo Review

- Review, Treats

A few weeks ago, Ember tried some Neoh and Nobo Banana and Turmeric treats, you can find our first impressions here.  Long story short she loved them, so when Neoh and Nobo officially launched I ordered the rest of the collection straight away.   Neoh and Nobo’s brand aesthetic is everything and their website is so fresh and modern, with plenty of information about their treats.   Along with information about the brand and treats, there is also information about how they are made, the ingredients they use along with their benefits and let’s not forget their eco seal (paw print) of approval.


Neoh and Nobo’s treats are all made with natural and ethical, not forgetting healthy ingredients and the brand is created in memory of their dog Neoh.  All the ingredients are human grade and ethically sourced, the treats are made in small batches which helps to ensure quality and the packaging used is environmentally friendly too.

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Busters Bisquits

- Review, Treats

I first found Busters Bisquits on Instagram and was intrigued by the natural ingredients Romana uses to bake the treats. Named in memory of her beloved Buster, these treats are hand baked with love and attention in small batches in her kitchen.  I was so excited when Romana offered to send Ember a trial pack of their classic treat and their new Vegan biscuits.

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Dogs Love Kale | Tropical Delight Treats

- Review, Treats

Dogs love Kale is an American dog treat brand which make healthy, all natural, gluten and grain free treats.   They key ingredient is Kale, which is super antioxidant and contains a ton of essential vital vitamins.  Benefits of Kale include;

– Bone health

– Healthy digestion

– Healthy skin and coat

– Reduced risk of heart disease

– Lowers blood sugar

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The Great Christmas Treat Off

- Dog Life, Treats

Christmas is just around the corner, it’s literally next week, but there’s still time to make sure your present for your furry friend is sorted.  Treats, of course!

I know the title makes this sound like a competition of the Christmas treats available, but in Ember’s opinion, if it’s food – eat it.  So instead we’ve compiled a list of some of the most natural, delicious dog treats available for pups this Christmas.

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