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Why Vegetarian + Veggie Treats for Dogs

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How exciting is it that there is a whole week dedicated to vegetarians!? Around a year ago I made the, maybe mad for some, decision to go vegetarian. I went from being a massive bacon and burger lover to being completely turned off by meat.  There are a few resins why I decided to go vegan and why I have begun to think more compassionately about the food I consume.  This isn’t going to be a ‘shoving my beliefs down your throats’ kind of post, but hopefully it will inspire someone.  Plus I’ve included some of Ember’s favourite veggie dog treats at the end. Read More

Compassionate Companions

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My mum had to have an operation last year, she’s thankfully now recovered, but at at the time she was very tender and couldn’t do as much as before. Combine this with an over excited 14 month old Labrador you can understand why we were a little nervous about how Ember would react when mum came home. She had calmed down a lot since when we first got her but it’s still very exciting when someone comes into the house, especially if it’s one of us back from work. She’s not a little dog, she’s pretty strong and is always on a mission to kiss your face by jumping up at you.

I’ve heard many times about the sensitivity of dogs and I should have had more faith in this and in Ember too.

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Olympian Worthy Dogs

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Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 19.27.15Can you believe the Olympics start today! It seems like only yesterday the preparation for the London games were taking place.  So to celebrate this I thought it would be cool to pay tribute to some inspiring dogs throughout history, who have achieved incredible, gold medal winning feats.

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