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Wind Powered Web Hosting | The Environmental Impact of Web Hosting

Posted in Digital, Green Spirit
on March 11, 2018

Wind Powered Web Hosting

Being a total newbie when I started this blog, I signed up to hosting from a well known web hosting platform thinking nothing of it, but towards the end of last year I found out so much more about the real impact of web hosting.

I had no idea the environmental impact website hosting could have, but the millions of sites on the internet running on fossil fuels are rivalling massive industries as major contributors to global carbon emissions. I was pretty horrified to find out I was contributing to this. A website is essentially a bunch of files including the HTML, images, posts etc which are stored on a ‘server’. This then serves the website files to website¬†visitors, so paying a company to store these files on their serves is hosting. In order to keep the website online 24 hours 7 days a week for website visitors from all over the world, these computer servers must stay online 24/7 too.

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