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Cruelty Free and Animal Testing 101

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When I first decided to go cruelty-free I did a lot of research.  This helped me find out exactly what animal testing involves, identify which brands were really not testing on animals and ensure that I remain cruelty-free as it is such an inhumane and unnecessary process.


What does Cruelty-free mean?
Cruelty Free means a company conducts no tests on animals in the process of making their products.  this includes the finished product, ingredients used and if it is required by law. Read More

Why You Should Go Cruelty Free

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According to cruelty-free international, over 115 million animals have been tested on worldwide. You have the power to use your voice and your choice to make a difference and say no to animal testing.  Here are a few more reasons why:

1. Animal testing is as cruel as it gets.  The animals are contained in small cages with no natural light, fresh air or room to move around. The tests are beyond cruel and the animals know nothing but fear and live a life full of suffering.

2. Technology advancements.  Companies will argue products are tested on animals to ensure they are safe for human use, but truth be told there are many alternatives to animal testing.  Technology has advanced to create modules which prevent harm to anyone or anything. Find out more information here.

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Why Vegetarian + Veggie Treats for Dogs

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How exciting is it that there is a whole week dedicated to vegetarians!? Around a year ago I made the, maybe mad for some, decision to go vegetarian. I went from being a massive bacon and burger lover to being completely turned off by meat.  There are a few resins why I decided to go vegan and why I have begun to think more compassionately about the food I consume.  This isn’t going to be a ‘shoving my beliefs down your throats’ kind of post, but hopefully it will inspire someone.  Plus I’ve included some of Ember’s favourite veggie dog treats at the end. Read More

Cruelty Free Dog Food | Our Favourite Brands

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Despite claiming to love and care about animals, many pet food companies test their food and elements of their food on lab animals.  These animals, many of whom are bred for the sole purpose of testing food, are subject to inhumane and invasive tests.

Of course, if food is going to be consumed by our pets some believe it is necessary for the food to be taste tested, for safety.  It is also a legal requirement for the food to be tested on live animals.  However, this does not have to be conducted in an inhumane feeding trial laboratory environment.  Check out this article ( if you want to know more (warning it’s pretty upsetting).

However, so many companies now undertake their testing in much more humane ways.  These trials are not undertaken on lab animals, so therefore – no animal testing!  A common way for food to be taste tested by employee’s volunteering their pets.  There are a few rules which much be adhered to including the number of healthy dogs used, the length of the trial and the information recorded throughout.

Another way of ensuring your dog’s treats are ethically made is by buying from independent treat companies.  These treats are typically made from minimal ingredients and the finished treats are taste tested by the owners own lucky pups.

Here’s some of our favourite cruelty-free dog food and treat companies;

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How to Know if Your Cosmetics are Cruelty-Free

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Until it becomes required for companies to label the background of their products, how easy would that be, it can be difficult to work out which companies do not test their products on animals.  Why is it the good guys have to jump hoops in order to ensure customers are aware of their cruelty free products?

But don’t worry, there are many ways you can use to work out if your favourite products are cruelty free, as well as finding more cruelty free brands.

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Going Cruelty Free | Pretty Harmless

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Looking for a New Year Affirmation (we don’t do resolutions around here) that you can stick to?  How about one that is kind to animals, good for the environment and better for you; try going cruelty-free.  This could be in many ways – through your makeup and home products or by becoming vegetarian or even vegan.  Over the past year I have completely changed my mindset and become cruelty-free and vegetarian.  In this new series, aptly named Pretty Harmless,  I want to document everything I have learnt to hopefully help and encourage others.

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