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The real cost of Canada Goose

Posted in Awareness
on January 14, 2018

American brand Canada Goose, famous for selling outerwear have recently been in the public eye in the UK (again) due to their new store opening in Regent Street.

This multimillion dollar brand is one of the labels of choice for celebrities and wannabes due to the name. However, the true cost of these coats is much more than the £900 price label, due to the unthinkable cruelty that goes into making the products.

Here are some facts why, despite many thinking these jackets are the warmest, this brand is actually the coldest.

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Please Don’t Buy Someone A Dog For Christmas

Posted in Awareness
on December 3, 2017

Bear with me on this one, I know it is a controversial topic and for some people, getting a dog for Christmas worked out amazing. While that’s obviously great, other experiences are not so positive.

Everyone knows the saying ‘dogs are for life, not just for Christmas’ and big animals charities have run many campaigns sharing this message. Of course, most people intend to stand by this saying and have all the best intentions. However, a lot of people have no idea what they are getting themselves or others into.

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