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Agility is something I’ve wanted to do with Ember for a while, but I was a bit reluctant as she can be a selective hearing dog at times. However, she has a lot of energy and loves to be doing something so I hoped agility would be something to help her release some of this energy and help her concentration.

For Christmas my sister got me and a Ember a little agility set which included some jumps and weave poles. So with the weather getting better, a couple of weekends ago we decided to set the course up and just give it a go. It’s safe to say Ember really enjoyed it, she listened to me the whole time and didn’t loose her concentration once when jumping and weaving.

This led me to check if our local training centre had any spaces in their agility classes, unfortunately, they didn’t, but they were holding a 1-hour introduction to agility the following weekend. Perfect timing. So I signed up and last weekend we attended our first agility class.

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