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Stand Up for The Animals | #notfunny

- Activism, Awareness

Join Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with their latest campaign #notfunny and help to be a voice for the voiceless.


The aim is the Campaign is to help to increase the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty from six months to five years.  Battersea, along with a number of other campaigners, are in talks with key MPs to encourage the Government to make a change.   This is to have animal cruelty seen as serious as it really is and have the consequences reflect this.

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Dogs Trust | Socks Not Dogs

- Activism, Awareness


Following their successful A dog is for life campaign last Christmas, Dogs Trust have created another memorable campaign this year.  Give Socks Not Dogs has been created to raise awareness for the high number of dogs which have been given as Christmas presents, to unprepared owners.  Dogs Trusts are therefore encouraging people to give socks this Christmas, rather than a dog.  As part of the campaign, Dogs Trusts have completely rebranded and become Socks Trusts for the festive period!

As part of their campaign, horrifying statistics have been released which reveal 3,400 calls were made to the Dogs Trust alone in a 30 day period following Christmas.  That’s 113 calls a day about unwanted, defenseless dogs.

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A Dog is for Life

- Activism

It’s an age old saying ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ but seriously, a dog is the worst Christmas present you could get. It’s not just a clever marketing campaign, the stats are enough proof, the RSPCA claim ‘three pets are abandoned every hour at Christmas’. So when you hear this saying over the Christmas period this year, remember the importance behind the words, they could just save a dogs life.

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