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on July 15, 2018

I first found Busters Bisquits on Instagram and was intrigued by the natural ingredients Romana uses to bake the treats. Named in memory of her beloved Buster, these treats are hand baked with love and attention in small batches in her kitchen.  I was so excited when Romana offered to send Ember a trial pack of their classic treat and their new Vegan biscuits.


Busters Bisquits currently have a few variety of treats, including the mini vintage bags with heart shaped treats, cute jars filled with the biscuits and tiny bites for smaller breed dogs. You can also buy large heart shaped biscuits which are perfect for special occasions for your dog. Busters Bisquits also offer a monthly subscription box which contain a large bag of treats, an ‘I woof you’ heart biscuit and a large bag of the tiny bites. You can get that here for only £12.


These treats are so cute, the vintage packaging is so on brand and the jars are especially cute for storing the treats. The treats themselves are lovingly hand made and you can see the care and attention taken for every biscuit. I also love how they are heart shaped and easy to break, to prevent Ember from gobbling the whole treat at once.


These smell amazing, even through the packaging Ember and I were drooling at the smell. You can definitely smell the peanut butter and I bet Romana’s house smells amazing when she is cooking the treats. As for the taste, it’s safe to say it’s a 10 out of 10 from Ember. She gobbled it up and checked the floor to make sure there were no crumbs left and came straight to me for more.

The ingredients of these treats are perfect, especially for dogs with allergies. The treats are all gluten free, hyperallergic and organic and you can choose between two delicious flavours. The original which contains organic, gluten free oats, organic honey, organic raw coconut oil, organic peanut butter and free range eggs. The eggs are replaced by bananas in the bananalicious treats, which are Embers favourite as you can imagine. This also means that the bananalicious treats are vegan too!

You can check out Busters Bisquits on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy and check out their website here to find out more information.

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