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Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

- Mental Health
Hand over fear

Firstly, this isn’t a pity me post, or a beg for attention. I always wanted to use this blog as a way to express how I’m feeling, acknowledge those feelings and address them in a positive way. Until now I’ve been too scared to do that, worried that people will think I’m attention seeking. But I’m really not, I just want to come up with a way to deal with what I am feeling and help other people who may be feeling something similar realise they are not alone.

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Soopa Healthy Bites

- Dog Life
Soopa Dog Treats

I love finding healthy treats for Ember and Soopa Healthy Bites are perfect. These grain-free flower shaped bites are only 3 calories per treat and are currently available in 3 delicious flavours. Ember loves them all and despite their small size, she really enjoys chewing them up. What’s also great about Soopa’s Healthy Bite treats is that they are hypoallergenic and are made from human grade all natural ingredients.

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My Top Digital Marketing Posts Read In 2018

- Digital
My Top Digital Marketing Posts Read In 2018

This year I found my passion for SEO and I have been obsessed with it ever since. From reading articles, listening to podcasts and watching webinars, I have tried to digest as much information as I can — whilst also putting into practice what I have been learning.

I’m very much at the start of my career, and there is still a lot more for me to learn, but I am very excited to continue improving my knowledge and practical skills.

I also want to start sharing my digital marketing journey a little on here too. So, to celebrate, I wanted to collate a list of some of the top articles I have read over the last year;

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Dog Christmas Safety Survival Guide

- Dog Life
Dog Christmas

Christmas is coming (read that in a Jon Snow voice, of course) in fact, it’s only a week until Christmas Day.  It’s Ember’s first Christmas with us and while Christmas is supposed to be stressful, with some fun too, it’s obviously more stressful when you are a dog owner.  In order to make sure that Ember has the safest first Christmas, I’ve been making a list, and checking it twice. So I thought I would share with you to make sure the Christmas period goes smoothly for your dog and you.

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Why The Iceland Christmas Ad Should Be Banned (But Not Why You Think)

- Digital, Green Spirit

Too political? Personally I don’t think so. Misleading? Definitely.

For a number of reasons, I have spent the last year educating myself on how I can become a more ethical consumer. I’m also super passionate about cause marketing and how marketing can, and should, be used in an ethical way. So naturally I was upset when I found out the advert had been banned. However, the ban has only led to the advert, and subsequently Iceland, to become incredibly popular. Set to become the most popular Christmas advert of all time, it has been watched over 30 million times to date. In addition, more than 900,000 people have signed a petition to release the advert. The retailer has also seen a 5% increase in sales over the period since the advert was released.

However, after doing some research, I realised how misleading the advert actually is (spoiler alert; Iceland is one of the worst UK supermarkets for palm oil).

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Pure Pet Food

- Dog Life

Last year Ember was lucky enough to try some of Pure Pet Food’s Meaty Sweetie Treats.  These treats were a perfect introduction to the Pure Pet Food brand, so I was very excited for Ember to try some of their food.

Ember is doing really well recently on her current food Guru, but we have been wanting to add a little bit of wet food to her evening meal, I instantly knew Pure Pet Food was the best first option.

The food we are lucky enough to try is Chicken Dinner, which is grain free and designed for sensitive dogs, perfect for Ember as she has quite a sensitive tummy.

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Firework Fear Tips

- Dog Life
Dog Firework Safety

That time of year is coming up again, firework season is upon us and as usual bonfire night appears to have become bonfire month. Fortunately, Ember isn’t too bothered about the fireworks as long as she is inside, but some dogs can be left terrified by them. Common signs of noise phobia include shaking, trembling, drooling, barking, howling, trying to hide and refusing to eat. Here are some tips for helping your dog on those frightful firework nights:

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