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Please Don’t Buy Someone A Dog For Christmas

- Awareness

Bear with me on this one, I know it is a controversial topic and for some people, getting a dog for Christmas worked out amazing. While that’s obviously great, other experiences are not so positive.


Everyone knows the saying ‘dogs are for life, not just for Christmas’ and big animals charities have run many campaigns sharing this message. Of course, most people intend to stand by this saying and have all the best intentions. However, a lot of people have no idea what they are getting themselves or others into.


Becoming an owner of any pet, particularly a dog, is a massive decision and life-changing choice. Once you become a pet owner, you are agreeing to take full ownership of that animal throughout their life, to care for them, pay for them and ensure they are happy and healthy. Therefore, it is unfair to give someone that kind of responsibility and, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like the greatest gift either. So while a dog may seem like the best present and the receiver may love the puppy they are gifted, the honeymoon period won’t last long. Once they have to care for their pet full time; taking it for walks, cleaning up after inevitable messes, paying expensive vet bills and the countless other responsibilities, they may not feel up to it.


It’s unfair for any animal to get passed from home to home, just because their owners couldn’t look after them. That’s why it’s not a great idea for pets to be gifts. Also, if you’re a parent and are considering getting your child/children a pet as a gift, ensure you are ready for the responsibility too, especially if you feel they are not taking care of their pet properly. After all, it’s only fair to the animal.


So, while a cute dog, dressed as a Christmas pudding, is extremely cute and may seem like the perfect surprise present, please think about making the decision to give a pet as a gift. Dog’s are not there to look cute or even give you brownie points for gifting the best present. They want to have the best and happiest life and enrich yours to be just as happy.


Animals are for life, make sure you are ready for that commitment too.

Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Collection | 2017

- Review

Lily's Kitchen Christmas

Lily’s Kitchen never fails to kill it with their Christmas collection and this year is no different. With their trusty advent calendar and turkey and cranberry treats back again this year along with Christmas gift sets, they are joined by a doggy biscuit tin which is a cool play on Christmas biscuit tins for humans. The star of the show this year, however, is the Gingerbread dog, who can be found in the biscuit tin and there is even a fiction book written staring Lily, Lulu and The Gingerbread Dog, along with a recipe to recreate the Gingerbread Dog.

With the 1st December coming this Friday! Don’t forget to grab your dog an advent calendar here.

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Wet Nose Box

- Review

Last weekend was Ember’s third birthday and I found her the perfect birthday present, a Wet Nose Dog box. This box is actually a monthly subscription box, but you can also get special one time boxes for special events such as birthdays, Christmas and gotcha days.

All the products included are hand selected which means they are all high quality and even separately packaged, which made opening the box even more fun. There was also a treat for us humans and even a birthday card for Ember.

Signing up for a box is super easy. Simply enter your dog’s name, size, gender and birthday. There is also a box where you can add in any special information, such as dietary requirements and if they are tough chewers. As Ember’s was for her birthday, Sandra from Wet Nose Dog even contacted us to ensure the box was personalised for her birthday.

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New Beginnings

- Lifestyle

Led Astray | Compassionate Dog Blog

Welcome to Led Astray, a blog about dogs and love.

I have loved creating this blog over the past year, but recently I have started to feel uncomfortable with the content I was posting. You can find our old posts here.

Instead, I want this blog to be about something I am really passionate about; making a difference. Ember has helped me to become more compassionate and I want to share that because I feel it is really important.

So, on the new led astray you will find reviews of our favourite products and companies, with an emphasis on ethical products and companies doing good. I also want to share my cruelty-free journey and share some tips for anyone also hoping to make the shift. As well as share some social media and digital marketing advice for charities and ethical businesses, to hopefully help make a difference.


Top Collar Box

- Review, Treats

Top collar are a fortnightly or monthly subscription box which contain a pack of homemade, tasty dog treats. With flavours including bangers and mash, fish pie and full English breakfast, the doggy chef, Sophie hand makes the treats with love and care.

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How Dogs Help Mental Health

- Mental Health

I’ve always been an anxious person and have suffered from panic attacks and OCD, stemming from when my dad was first diagnosed with blood cancer.  Before Ember came into my life, I had only heard about the healing powers of dogs, not just physical health but mental health too.  I had no idea how much Ember would change my life.  Just seeing her face and wagging tail is enough to brighten up any day.  She helps me get out of myself and I have met and spoken to a lot more people just thanks to her.  Plus she never judges me, no matter what I talk to her about.  I like to call her my therapist with 4 legs.  I owe her so much, for making my life so much more positive and happy, I want to make sure she knows just how much I appreciate her.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, I have compiled a list of ways dogs help improve humans mental health. Read More

Busters Bisquits

- Review, Treats

I first found Busters Bisquits on Instagram and was intrigued by the natural ingredients Romana uses to bake the treats. Named in memory of her beloved Buster, these treats are hand baked with love and attention in small batches in her kitchen.  I was so excited when Romana offered to send Ember a trial pack of their classic treat and their new Vegan biscuits.

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