Cruelty Free and Animal Testing 101

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on February 18, 2018

When I first decided to go cruelty-free I did a lot of research.  This helped me find out exactly what animal testing involves, identify which brands were really not testing on animals and ensure that I remain cruelty-free as it is such an inhumane and unnecessary process.

What does Cruelty-free mean?
Cruelty Free means a company conducts no tests on animals in the process of making their products.  this includes the finished product, ingredients used and if it is required by law.

To be classed as cruelty-free, there must be no animal testing undertaken during the production of any of their products.


Why should you go cruelty-free? 

Even in 2017, animal testing for cosmetic and hygienic products is still a frequent practice, something that is happening way too often.  The testing process is not only cruel, inhumane and unethical it is also completely outdated and simply not necessary.  Here’s why:

– There are over 7,000 safe ingredients that can be chosen to formulate products.  Because they are already proven safe, there is no need for them to be tested on animals.

– Technological advancements mean animal testing is not necessary, at all. With new computer models and software, human cells can be replicated meaning thousands of animals can be spared from unnecessary cruelty.

– Because humans and animals are genetically different, there is no actual scientific accuracy to testing ingredients and products.  Therefore they are not technically as safe as claimed.

– Laboratory animals, most of whom have never seen the sunlight, have no rights under animal cruelty laws despite the obvious animal abuse being undertaken.


What do the tests involve? 

Tests typically involve either dropping chemicals into an animals eye or rubbing ingredients onto their skin. The animals used are typically rabbits, mice and hamsters, but dogs and cats are also subjected to these horrific experiments.


How do we know products will be safe if they are not tested? 

There are so many safer alternatives to animal testing, which have been used for years by many companies.  Including computer programs to create human tissue to identify any ingredients not safe.  Not only are these alternatives much more humane, they are also much more effective.

Going Cruelty Free

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