Why You Should Go Cruelty Free

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on June 11, 2017

According to cruelty-free international, over 115 million animals have been tested on worldwide. You have the power to use your voice and your choice to make a difference and say no to animal testing.  Here are a few more reasons why:

1. Animal testing is as cruel as it gets.  The animals are contained in small cages with no natural light, fresh air or room to move around. The tests are beyond cruel and the animals know nothing but fear and live a life full of suffering.

2. Technology advancements.  Companies will argue products are tested on animals to ensure they are safe for human use, but truth be told there are many alternatives to animal testing.  Technology has advanced to create modules which prevent harm to anyone or anything. Find out more information here.

3. It’s Simply unnecessary. Thousands of products and therefore ingredients have already been proven safe, so there really is no need to test more ingredients.

4. Laboratory animals are animals too, no matter what ‘laws’ say.  According to some laws, lab animals are a special clause to abuse and cruelty free policies.  Lab animals have literally no rights, it’s completely nonsensical and unethical. They are living, breathing creatures and should be protected, just like pets.

5. Dogs and cats are used for testing too.  Based on statistics, 67,772 dogs and 24,221 cats were used in animal testing experiments in 2013 alone.  These household pet breeds are kept in captivity, deprived of any rights and treated in completely inhuman ways.

6. Vote with your money.   When you support a cruelty-free company by buying their products, you’re sending a message to the whole industry.  You may not think it makes that much difference, but big animal testing companies will not be getting your money and they will begin to see a difference.  Plus there are so many great cruelty-free brands, many of which are small businesses, so you’re helping them out too.

7. Choose natural and non-toxic. Going cruelty-free opened my eyes to find many new brands and products, as well as skin loving naturals. Most of the products that I use on my face and body are natural and non-toxic, which has helped my dry and sensitive skin too.

Going cruelty-free is one of the best changes I have made to my life.  I feel like I am actually making a change and can rest easy knowing no animals have been harmed for the use of my own vanity.

Are you cruelty free? What was the main reason for you? And how much are you loving it?!

Going Cruelty Free

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