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April 2017

Big Tick Project | Our Experience and Tips

- Awareness, Health

In August 2015 Ember picked up a tick on her stomach whilst we were on holiday in the New Forest.  Ironically, the same year in April 2015, the Big Tick Project was launched in the New Forest.  The Campaign was started to raise awareness about ticks and tick-bourne diseases in the UK, to help pet owners protect their pets and themselves.  Each year, veterinary practices collect data and complete a questionnaire to contribute to The Big Tick Project’s Campaign.  The information helps to make up a UK threat map, which shows the risk of ticks in local areas.  Find the map here, is your local area a high risk?  Mine is!  You can find out more about The Big Tick Project here.   The Big Tick Project are also sponsoring Dog Fest this year which will be taking place in June in Chesire and Hertfordshire, you can get your tickets here!

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Cruelty Free Dog Food | Our Favourite Brands

- Cruelty Free

Despite claiming to love and care about animals, many pet food companies test their food and elements of their food on lab animals.  These animals, many of whom are bred for the sole purpose of testing food, are subject to inhumane and invasive tests.

Of course, if food is going to be consumed by our pets some believe it is necessary for the food to be taste tested, for safety.  It is also a legal requirement for the food to be tested on live animals.  However, this does not have to be conducted in an inhumane feeding trial laboratory environment.  Check out this article ( if you want to know more (warning it’s pretty upsetting).

However, so many companies now undertake their testing in much more humane ways.  These trials are not undertaken on lab animals, so therefore – no animal testing!  A common way for food to be taste tested by employee’s volunteering their pets.  There are a few rules which much be adhered to including the number of healthy dogs used, the length of the trial and the information recorded throughout.

Another way of ensuring your dog’s treats are ethically made is by buying from independent treat companies.  These treats are typically made from minimal ingredients and the finished treats are taste tested by the owners own lucky pups.

Here’s some of our favourite cruelty-free dog food and treat companies;

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Busters Bisquits

- Review, Treats

I first found Busters Bisquits on Instagram and was intrigued by the natural ingredients Romana uses to bake the treats. Named in memory of her beloved Buster, these treats are hand baked with love and attention in small batches in her kitchen.  I was so excited when Romana offered to send Ember a trial pack of their classic treat and their new Vegan biscuits.

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Stand Up for The Animals | #notfunny

- Activism, Awareness

Join Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with their latest campaign #notfunny and help to be a voice for the voiceless.


The aim is the Campaign is to help to increase the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty from six months to five years.  Battersea, along with a number of other campaigners, are in talks with key MPs to encourage the Government to make a change.   This is to have animal cruelty seen as serious as it really is and have the consequences reflect this.

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