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March 2017

Agility Diaries

- Agility

Agility is something I’ve wanted to do with Ember for a while, but I was a bit reluctant as she can be a selective hearing dog at times. However, she has a lot of energy and loves to be doing something so I hoped agility would be something to help her release some of this energy and help her concentration.

For Christmas my sister got me and a Ember a little agility set which included some jumps and weave poles. So with the weather getting better, a couple of weekends ago we decided to set the course up and just give it a go. It’s safe to say Ember really enjoyed it, she listened to me the whole time and didn’t loose her concentration once when jumping and weaving.

This led me to check if our local training centre had any spaces in their agility classes, unfortunately, they didn’t, but they were holding a 1-hour introduction to agility the following weekend. Perfect timing. So I signed up and last weekend we attended our first agility class.

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Spring Plant Safety for Dogs

- Health

Spring is coming and along with it, hopefully nice weather, but also spring flowers – some of which may be poisonous to our pets.  There are several common plants which we need to be cautious of, along with symptoms which come with poisoning.  Dogs can be poisoned by eating just part of the plant, leaves or bulbs from the plant and heavy pollinated plants could disperse on their back and be licked off.  Here’s a handy picture guide to some common poisonous plants which you may come across this year, along with some useful information.

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Tails Tasties Unboxing

- Unboxing

Tails Tasties is a new non-subscription box filled with tasty, all natural treats.  Featuring brands such as Lily’s Kitchen, Pooch and Mutt and Billy and Margot I was really excited when I found out about Tails Tasties on Instagram.  They currently have a 15% code if you order before 8 March, so I took advantage of that and ordered a box for Ember.  Check out their website here and treat your pooch to a treat box. Here’s what we received in our box (Ember loved it).

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CC Bear Treats

- Review

English based and made, CC Bear treats are made using only the best natural ingredients from British distributors.   The family run business, Chef Christine and lucky taste tester Bubba Bear, have created these all natural, vegan dog treats for dog wellness, to celebrate the magical relationship between dogs and their owners.  Ember and I were so excited when Christine offered to send us some treats to try..Meet out new favourite treats.

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