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February 2017

Compassionate Companions

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My mum had to have an operation last year, she’s thankfully now recovered, but at at the time she was very tender and couldn’t do as much as before. Combine this with an over excited 14 month old Labrador you can understand why we were a little nervous about how Ember would react when mum came home. She had calmed down a lot since when we first got her but it’s still very exciting when someone comes into the house, especially if it’s one of us back from work. She’s not a little dog, she’s pretty strong and is always on a mission to kiss your face by jumping up at you.

I’ve heard many times about the sensitivity of dogs and I should have had more faith in this and in Ember too.

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Dogs Love Kale | Tropical Delight Treats

- Review, Treats

Dogs love Kale is an American dog treat brand which make healthy, all natural, gluten and grain free treats.   They key ingredient is Kale, which is super antioxidant and contains a ton of essential vital vitamins.  Benefits of Kale include;

– Bone health

– Healthy digestion

– Healthy skin and coat

– Reduced risk of heart disease

– Lowers blood sugar

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14 Reasons Dogs are the Perfect Date for Valentines Day

- Dog Life

Who’s a better Valentines date than your dog, right?  Here are 14 reasons why I’m not ashamed to be spending Valentine’s day with my dog.

Dogs are always over the moon to see us.  What’s better than a greeting from a wagging tail?

They’re always up for a cuddle, doggy snuggles are the best.

Dogs keep us warm at night and don’t steal the duvet and they don’t want anything in bed.

Dogs don’t care what you look like and never complain if you want to slob out.

They don’t mind what you do with them, as long as they can spend time with you.

A dog will never judge you. Never.

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