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December 2016

Dog Christmas Safety Survival Guide

- Dog Life

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Christmas is coming (read that in a Jon Snow voice, of course) in fact, it’s only a week until Christmas Day.  It’s Ember’s first Christmas with us and while Christmas is supposed to be stressful, with some fun too, it’s obviously more stressful when you are a dog owner.  In order to make sure that Ember has the safest first Christmas, I’ve been making a list, and checking it twice. So I thought I would share with you to make sure the Christmas period goes smoothly for your dog and you.

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The Great Christmas Treat Off

- Dog Life, Treats

Christmas is just around the corner, it’s literally next week, but there’s still time to make sure your present for your furry friend is sorted.  Treats, of course!

I know the title makes this sound like a competition of the Christmas treats available, but in Ember’s opinion, if it’s food – eat it.  So instead we’ve compiled a list of some of the most natural, delicious dog treats available for pups this Christmas.

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Dogs Trust | Socks Not Dogs

- Activism, Awareness


Following their successful A dog is for life campaign last Christmas, Dogs Trust have created another memorable campaign this year.  Give Socks Not Dogs has been created to raise awareness for the high number of dogs which have been given as Christmas presents, to unprepared owners.  Dogs Trusts are therefore encouraging people to give socks this Christmas, rather than a dog.  As part of the campaign, Dogs Trusts have completely rebranded and become Socks Trusts for the festive period!

As part of their campaign, horrifying statistics have been released which reveal 3,400 calls were made to the Dogs Trust alone in a 30 day period following Christmas.  That’s 113 calls a day about unwanted, defenseless dogs.

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Tea Infused Dog Biscuits

- Review, Treats

Woof and Brew are best known for their herbal dog tea bags, but they have now created a range of oven-baked, natural treats infused with their famous tea bags.  These treats are appropriately called Nom, which represents the sound made when someone is really enjoying what they are eating.  It basically means that these treats are super tasty and enjoyed by the many lucky dogs who get to try them.

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