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October 2016

Halloween Safety

- Dog Life


It’s almost time for Halloween, it’s as scary a time for dogs as it is for us.  So here’s seven helpful tips that I have discovered to help your dogs have a treatful 31 October.  Happy Howloweeeeen!

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Purple Box

- Review


I’ve always been a bit skeptical about monthly subscription boxes, I worried about the items they contained, whether Ember would like them or rip them apart.  However, when Purple Bone announced they were releasing a subscription box called ‘Purple Box‘ I was intrigued enough to purchase a one off box for the month.   Purple Box allows you to choose the length you would like to subscribe for; 1 month, 6 months or 12 months and the boxes start from £24.00 per month, with the option to cancel at any time.

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Vet Box

- Health, Review

Ever had one of those last minute panics as you realise you have forgotten to flea your dog? I am guilty of this and imagine many of you are too. However some clever brands have come to the rescue in the form of monthly protection boxes, joining the ever growing subscription box craze. So now you can purchase a monthly subscription of dog flea and worm treatments, to ensure you never forget again. I’ve tried two different services, this time we have tried out Vet Box

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